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End the lost Paperwork Nightmare

There is something about paperwork that seems to make it hard to find. We’ve all been there before: Everything is right there in the file cabinet, good luck finding it. For example, we need to repair a water heater we installed last year. We have all the information we need at our fingertips. First we […]

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Beating the competition

Ramp up your profits in three easy steps: Know your customer base: Existing customers are your best source of new sales. All you need to do is use your equipment history records to identify customers with older equipment, or equipment with reliability problems. Be Proactive:  A mailing or series of phone calls can work wonders. […]

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Software installation and training: It can be a painless process

At the beginning of the installation and training process we often find that people in the office are anxious. They are used to the current system. Change is frightening. The actual process is fairly straight-forward. After installation, which is handled by our technical staff, we go through a brief overview of the process. PlumbersPack is […]

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