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What if your field technicians had all of their customer's work order and equipment history at their fingertips before they started their service calls?

Using the Plumbers and HVAC Pack Software for QuickBooks you have access to every piece of installed equipment including model, serial number, service parts, filters, belts and up to thirty one additional user-defined fields for each piece of equipment.

Plumbers and HVAC Pack Software even provides detailed information on each component and can store attachments including cite pictures, schematics, checklists, and general information.  Your staff has access to all of this customer information. Your technicians using the mobile app can send their field pictures along with their completed electronic work orders back to the office which links up automatically to the customers history.

Preventative maintenance service agreements also tend to be more complex where a single contract can cover multiple locations with different maintenance schedules for each location and/or each type of equipment.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could see all of your scheduled PM’s at a glance to plan your material and labor resources accordingly?

Plumbers and HVAC Pack’s service, dispatch, and mobile solutions while offering powerful state-of-the-art features, are also simple, in-expensive, and tailored to meet your needs. The calendar dispatch board lets you simply drag-and-drop work orders to available technicians. With a click of the mouse you can sent the work order information as an email, text message or to their mobile field tablet.  And with the field mobile app option (unlike most other mobile systems) your tech can continue entering data even when he or she is out of cellphone coverage.

Best of all Plumbers and HVAC Pack plugs seamlessly into your QuickBooks. There is no need to change how you currently do your daily billings or accounting. We eliminate the need for any duplicate entry to save you time and increase productivity.

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