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Fireline Systems is an authorized Intuit QuickBooks Silver Development Partner and creator of the leading Plumbers Pack Software which is designed specifically for Plumbing professionals. Plumbers Pack Software and QuickBooks Software are seamlessly integrated together to provide a complete software solution for all of your operational needs.

What are the advantages of using Plumbers Pack Software?
Plumbers Pack Software when combined with QuickBooks increases the overall efficiency of your entire company by helping to; increase sales; eliminate time wasting double and triple entry; reduce your paperwork; eliminate manual process of scheduling service and installation jobs; streamlining your quote preparation; managing your advertising campaigns and much, much more. And you can continue using QuickBooks for all of your normal billing and accounting processes.

Plumbers Pack is the perfect compliment for QuickBooks. Take a minute to look at some of the additional features and benefits provided to your company by Plumbers Pack Software:

Provides Additional Customer History information including:

  • Tracking work order history for each customer job location and billing customer
  • Detailed customer work order history - with drill-down details
  • Tracking installed customer equipment - by manufacturer, serial numbers, warranty information, size, type and other details
  • Unlimited customer contacts with phone numbers, emails, etc.
  • Attaching scanned document  - including before and after pictures
  • Tracking unlimited customer notes
  • Tracking preventative maintenance schedules and agreements
  • Provides the added flexibility to expand your customer history with additional customer user-defined fields, installed product user-defined fields, work order user-defined fields and additional contact fields for each customer.

Company-wide Viewing of Your Scheduling Calendars plus:

  • Automatic printing  of service and installation work orders
  • Printing of measurement work orders linking them to he quote and installation work order
  • Viewing service, installation work order schedules and sales appointments using Microsoft Outlook Calendars
  • Recording each customers installed parts and labor for each work order
  • Automatically creating the customer billing invoice or sales order in Quick Books
  • Providing a simple and easy-to-use point of sale option for walk-in sales
  • Immediate access to look up the status of all service and installation jobs

Immediate Access to Important Company Information including:

  • Review all pending customer call requests for quotes and service
  • Review all open service and installation jobs
  • Review all customer follow up activity needed for quotes and new sales
  • Review all outstanding company quotes by sales rep and gross profit expected
  • Review all scheduled preventative maintenance service calls pending
  • Review all outstanding purchase orders not fully received for new jobs
  • Review all outstanding purchases with assigned truck delivery schedules tied to the customer work-order
  • Review all company and staff assignments
  • Review all point of sale orders

Tracking and Recording all Incoming Sales Calls including:

  • Tracking how they heard about your company for marketing review
  • Tracking follow-up status for all open sales requests
  • Quick Review of all open sales calls by type of request ( i.e. Service, Quote, etc)
  • Tracking each customers call history and follow-up notes

Quote Preparation benefits of Plumbers Pack Software including:

  • Streamlines the time it takes to prepare and print a quote
  • Quotes can be built by item or with template Package/ Models and Options
  • Manufacturer pricing can be updated automatically using multipliers
  • Quote may be prepared on a lap-top computer outside of the office
  • Track all of your customer quotes in Plumbers Pack for immediate review of back-log
  • Prepare your final quotes using either mark-up or gross margin methods
  • Quotes may be printed and/or emailed to your customers
  • Quotes convert to installation work orders when the customer sales is completed

Business Marketing/ Advertising benefits of Plumbers Pack Software including:

  • Tracking each of your advertising campaigns for better decision-making and profitability
  • Tracking the source of each sales opportunity, the number of quotes and gross sales
  • Managing your customer upsell campaigns and new prospect direct mailing with labels and mail merge lists
  • Tracking personal and staff open activities pending and deadlines.

Plumbers Pack Software compliments your QuickBooks to provide a complete service software solution for all of your operational needs.

For additional information or to schedule an online software demonstration contact Fireline Systems at 800 890-8614. Fireline Systems is an authorized Intuit QuickBooks Silver Developer Partner. For more information visit www.Plumbers

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