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Eliminate Redundant Data Entry

One of the two most frustrating things you can face in a business is redundant data entry. Many businesses have multiple systems that don’t tie together. When you create a quote, you enter the name and address of the prospect. If you get the deal, re-enter the name and address on the installation work order. Finally, enter the name and address when you invoice the customer. You have to type the same thing over and over.
When you create a quote, you normally type a description of work. In many systems, you have to reenter the same, or a similar description on the installation work order. Finally, someone reenters the same or a similar description when creating the invoice. This kind of thing can drive you crazy, especially when you consider the cost of lost employee time and transcription errors.
This can really be a problem when your QuickBooks customer data is separate from your sales and or service database. Everything starts to fall apart quickly. Customers are listed under the wife’s name in one database, and the husband’s in the other. Nothing ties together. Since the invoicing and the service database don’t tie together, you find yourself providing service to customers who have already defaulted.
Plumbers Pack is designed to eliminate redundant data entry. Enter a name and address only once, in QuickBooks or Plumbers Pack. You can’t get out of sync. We even check all of our phone numbers when you enter a new customer or prospect for duplicates in the database.
Take a few minutes to join us at our next online webinar and review how the Plumbers Pack Software for Quick Books can help to streamline your operation and increase your productivity. Call 800-890-8614 to register or visit our website www.Plumbers

The Marketing Corner  By Gary Reviczky

Eliminate the lost paperwork nightmare:

Nothing is more frustrating than wading through file cabinets trying to find a document. It’s even worse when a customer is waiting on the phone. In the first place, you are never sure if you are going to find the document. Putting a customer on hold while you try to find his or her quote raises a big question in the prospects mind. If we can’t find a piece of paper, how are you going to manage his big job? These kind of things make it that much harder to close the sale. Plumbers Pack is designed to provide all of the customer’s information at your fingertips. It allows you to attach your documents directly to the customers master-file, or to individual quotes, work-orders, or maintenance agreements. It is all right there when you need it.

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