PlumbersPack Scheduling Software for QuickBooks:

PlumbersPack Scheduling Software for QuickBooks:

We all love QuickBooks but finding scheduling software for QuickBooks is not always easy. Without the ability to track your customer history and automate your service dispatch scheduling can really limit your business growth. It’s time to start looking for a service and dispatching program that is plug-in compatible with your QuickBooks. There are four major points that you should consider before you buy a scheduling software for QuickBooks:

  1. Is it easy to use? Some scheduling software claim to do everything. Each of the features that you may or may not need come with a price. Some may make the software complex, hard to work with and difficult to learn.
  2. Will they show you the scheduling software? During your software demonstration ask if you can schedule a new service call. Was it easy to find your customer? How many screens did it take?  Was all of the customer history on one easy to read screen? Did it warn you if the customer had and outstanding balance due? Software should make your life easier not create more keystrokes and cause more stress.
  3. Is it designed specifically for QuickBooks? The real test for a scheduling software for QuickBooks is to watch where the customers invoice is created. If the invoice is only created inside QuickBooks you have a seamless integration to QuickBooks. If it is created inside the service software’s Accounts Receivable software and then linked or synced into the customer’s record inside QuickBooks you are maintaining two different accounts for each customer. What do you do when the same customer’s balances are different? This type of integration can lead to accounting nightmares. Does the software connect with your QuickBooks billing accounts and jobs? If not, some kind of conversion will also be required.
  4. Do they really focus on Plumbing companies? Review the software company’s website. Do they work specifically for Plumbers or every type of service business under the sun? If one size fits all, it may not fit you very well.
  5. For additional information or a personal demonstration of the PlumbersPack Scheduling Software for QuickBooks visit   
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