Are you and your business drowning in paperwork?

Paperwork can kill your business. It starts as the only way to keep track of everything.

We save a copy for this and a copy for that. All of them are filed away somewhere. Everything is right there in the file cabinet, good luck finding it. For example, we need to repair a rooftop unit. We think that we have all the information we need at our fingertips. First we go to the file cabinet or to QuickBooks, drag out all of the old invoices, to find the equipment. Next we need find the warranty dates. Next we need to sort through the invoices to pull together the customers repair history. Finally our bookkeeper retypes it all on the work-order for the service techs.

Let’s not forget the paperwork flow from sales to installation. Our office staff takes a call from a customer asking for a quote. She leaves a sticky note on the salespersons desk. With luck the salesperson finds the note, calls the prospect, and sets up a site visit. The sales person goes to the site, makes additional notes in his notebook and types the customer a proposal in Word or QuickBooks. The salesperson files the quote somewhere.

When the customer calls the office with questions about the quote the panic sets in. Where is the quote? Where are the notes from the site visit? We tell the customer that we will call them back. We finally pull all of the information together call the customers and try to schedule an install. We hand write a purchase order for our vendor(s) and file it away, never to be found. With luck, the warehouse guy realizes the unit that just came in must go somewhere. Otherwise, it gets stored in the warehouse until the customer calls complaining about the status of their new installation. This is followed by another wild search. Time is wasted as well as our profit.

PlumbersPack Software for Quick Books is the solution designed to eliminate the paperwork disaster. Installed equipment is automatically recorded, with warranty information. Initial site visit work-orders and notes are linked automatically. All of this can be printed with the work-order.


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