PlumbersPack Service Scheduling Software for QuickBooks

PlumbersPack Service Scheduling Software for QuickBooks

A typical Plumber needs to keep track of daily work orders, scheduling, and backflow prevention maintenance schedules. As the business begins to grow you can drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with all of this. Some people try to put this information into their QuickBooks invoices and notes, or create appointments with Google or Outlook calendars. Some even try to keep track of everything in Excel but when the busy season hits it all tends to fall apart. The end result is the loss of income from dropped calls and poor customer service. Finding a simple to use service software program that plugs into your existing QuickBooks can often help to resolve the paperwork and duplication nightmare. However finding the right product is not so easy if you search on Google.


There are several popular service software products that claim to “work or sync to QuickBooks” but buyer beware. All of these so called “all-in-one” programs include their own accounting, billing and service features. Choosing to use one of these programs along with your QuickBooks is not a very good answer for most Plumbing businesses. Why? You would actually be running two separate accounting and billing programs at the same time. Resolving daily sync or import errors in your QuickBooks is often frustrating and a real hassle to manage. This is a recipe for disaster when your accountant discovers that your customer’s account balance in QuickBooks doesn’t match the balance in their software.


Another type of software that’s gaining in popularity is cloud-based rented software. The monthly price to use the software often seems attractive but there are some serious down-sides to consider. If you start to use this type of software and later decide to stop using it, you will lose all of your customer history. The same thing happens if you miss a monthly payment. Another consideration is the internet. What if your internet connect is slow or you lose the connection for a period of time? No access to your scheduling or customer history. As it relates to pricing most cloud-based rental software charge a start-up fee and a per user monthly fee. Over a period of five years these costs can be expensive.


Fireline’s PlumbersPack Field Service Software for QuickBooks plugs directly into QuickBooks in your office. All of your billing and accounting is still created inside QuickBooks eliminating duplication and streamlining both your office and field operations.


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