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Preventive Maintenance can be your Goldmine!!!

PM’s can be a goldmine. With good scheduling and controls they can bring in consistent service revenue and good profits. With good management tools they can result in a steady stream of new installs and upgrades to grow your business. However, if you lose control of the process it all begins to fall apart.

When your business software tools are not up to the task, keeping track of PM agreements and renewals is a real headache. The process of tracking down expiring agreements, sending out renewals and updating contracts is almost impossible. It becomes a blizzard of paperwork, duplicate entry, and confusion. Business owners get so wrapped up in the daily paperwork that they neglect to review the history and profitability of their existing agreement before they send out the renewal notices. Nothing can drive you into bankruptcy faster than consistently renewing unprofitable agreements.

With Plumbers Pack Software for QuickBooks the renewal process is designed to remind you when the customer renewal notices are due. Since our software completely automates the process you have more time for analysis and review to identify and re-price unprofitable agreements. Plumbers Pack Software also provides you with customer service history for your sales people to identify and suggest the replacement of problem equipment.

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Simplify the Billing Process:

What about billings. Everyone wants to go on a monthly payment plan with their credit card. This generates hundreds of small invoices each month that need to be tied to the credit card receipts. What a nightmare.

Our billing process tells you which bills are due to go out, creates all of the invoices, and puts them into QuickBooks automatically.

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